Yuka Ando (Toyama)

YUKA ANDO is a ceramic artist living in Toyama, Japan. She is originally from Osaka. Her works range from simple and delicate porcelain jewelry to daily tablewares. When looking at her handcrafted works, adjectives such as mild, gentle, smooth, versatile, etc. can be used to describe the overall calming ambience that her creations stand for. All of her products are individually made by hand in her ceramic studio.


  • Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1982 and grew up in Hyogo Prefecture

  • Graduated from California State University, Long Bench in 2005 in the US. Majored in Faculty of Economics

  • Worked in Los Angeles for 2 years and moved back to Japan for ceramic study in 2007

  • Graduated from Kyoto State Ceramic and Technology College in 2009

  • Studied ceramics under Masahiko Ichino, one of the representative ceramic masters of Tamba wares

  • Went to Denmark to further study ceramics in 2012

  • Returned to Hyogo Prefecture in 2013 and started up her own ceramic studio in Kobe

  • Moved to Toyama Prefecture with her family in 2016 and continues her creations

    Recent projects

    [Solo exhibition in Tokyo in February 2019]

    [Solo exhibition in Osaka in March 2019]