Yoshiko Hirose (Tochigi)

After graduating from a Literature background, the opportunity of visiting art museums broadened the horizon of Hirose. Obtaining a part-time job at an art gallery gave her the chance to know about ceramics. Hirose’s ceramic journey was triggered by a ceramic exhibition of British ceramicist Lucie Rie in Tokyo. She was impressed by how amazing the process of making ceramic was after the exhibition. And after that, she decided to start off her career as a ceramicist.

Her creations are mainly inspired by Chinese potteries, British antique ceramics and Japanese folk crafts. Elegance and gentleness are the characteristics of her works. Special blends of glazes give an ambience of a little bit of sparks in daily life.


  • Graduated from Bachelor of History, Faculty of Literature from Komazawa University in 2010

  • Learnt about wheeling at Ceramic Industry Support Centre in Tochigi Prefecture in 2013

  • Completed a plastering course from Tochigi Prefecture Ceramic Technology Support Centre in 2014


    [Annual Golden Week Mashiko Ceramics Market in Tochigi Prefecture in May]

    [Annual Autumn Mashiko Ceramics Market in Tochigi Prefecture in November]