Katsufumi Baba (Kurume)

“Living with simple and long-lasting pottery.”

Simple design is always the key to timelessness and practicality. Katsufumi Baba-san dedicates this philosophy when he designs his pottery. He has experienced countless trials in order to achieve the perfect designs of versatile and user-friendly pottery. For instance, the design of the edge of mugs has been carefully considered to fit user’s mouth while not being easily broken.

Because of the natural surroundings of Katsufumi-San’s home studio, he mainly receives most of his design inspiration when he walks his dog in the mountain every day. He also keeps 4 cats who even help to look after the kiln in his studio! How amazing Katsufumi-san’s pets are who play an important role during the creation of pottery!


  • Born in Kurume in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1970

  • Graduated from Law Degree from Fukuoka University in 1995

  • Lived in France from 1995 - 1997

  • Completed a wheeling course in Shigaraki Ceramic Institute and apprentice internship in Maruju-kama in Shigaraki in 1998

  • Completed apprentice internship in Sohdo-kama in Shigaraki in 2002

  • Established his individual ceramic studio in his hometown Kurume in 2003