Shintaro Abe (Ibaraki)

Being a young ceramicist in the famous pottery town Kasama city in Ibaraki Prefecture, where has long history of making ceramics, it is not an easy battle at all. Abe always holds an emphasis of a theme when making ceramic pieces - after 100 years, people are still using his antique ceramics practically. He proves that timeless design of patterns and the choice of glaze colours are the keys to carry out this principle. It sounds simple but experiences tell that this is the hardest! Abe focuses on using grey and white only as the major colours of his works. Through the technique of inventing a great variety of different “greys”, Abe found that the levels of darkness of greys create an individual characteristic of each piece of ceramics as you cannot find an identical shade of grey! Plates with antique-like flower motifs are his signature design. Recently, Abe attempted to hand draw motifs on white ceramic pieces. The series of lemon motifs is his first collection of hand-drawn patterns using colours other than grey.


  • Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1985

  • Graduated from Sangyogijutsu Innovation Centre Pottery Industry Research Institute in Ibaraki Prefecture in 2013, specialising in glaze & colour Development

  • Established his studio in Kasama city in Ibaraki Prefecture in 2013

    Recent projects

    [Solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Osaka and Ibaraki in February 2019]