Shinsaku Nakazono (Tochigi)

“I gotta start today with a brand new feeling.

I want to grow as I feel myself to be.”

This is a very simple yet heart-filling motto that Nakazono always tells himself about. His inspiration of creating all of the unique and stunning glazes is based on a sense of natural feeling that he has every day.

Recently, he is internationally active and gained a lot of awareness from overseas galleries to assist him to hold exhibitions. The popularity of his delicate works shows that the messages that he put in his works have successfully resonated with the global community of art lovers - through the application of beautiful glazes and elegant shapes.


  • Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1980

  • Majored in Art Moulding in Kinki University and graduated in 2003

  • Teached in State Primary School in Kobe in 2004

  • Started up his ceramic studio in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2007 

  • Moved to Mashiki in Togichi Prefecture in 2009 to continue his studio

    Recent projects

    [Japanese restaurant Meisuitei in Kagawa Prefecture in January 2019]

    [Solo exhibition in Tokyo in December 2018]

    [Solo exhibition in London in May 2018]