Satomi Ito (Osaka)

Satomi Ito is a self-educated ceramicist who is based in Osaka. She was originally a full-time mother who needed to stay at home to look after her twin boys after they were born. A random opportunity of being an assistant in a ceramic studio had changed her life unexpectedly. And, so she has become a popular ceramicist in Japan nowadays. She has built a studio at the back of her house after embracing the start of her career. She said this is her perfect career because she can spend time making her favourite ceramic pieces while looking after her beloved family.

Satomi has her original recipes of colour glazes. Attention to details has been fully presented not only to the exterior surface of the pottery, but also the interior. She hopes that users can feel the warmth and calmness when they hold the pottery in their hands to enjoy a relaxing moment of the day.


  • Attended ceramic classes at leisure from 1990 and had become an assistant

  • Self-educated at home and set up her individual ceramic studio in Osaka in 2000

  • Restarted to make pottery in 2011 till now after giving birth to her twin boys in 2006

    Recent projects

    [Solo exhibitions in Osaka in February 2019]