Aya Ogawa - Flower Bud Vase (Ichirin-sashi) White Lily


Aya Ogawa - Flower Bud Vase (Ichirin-sashi) White Lily


Product name: Ichirin-sashi with carved line patterns

Artist: Aya Ogawa

Colour: Creamy white*

Dimension: Dia 6cm x H9.5cm

*Note: please be noted that as each piece of vases is handmade, the colour glazes and shapes/sizes vary slightly. This is the beauty of uniqueness of handmade crafts.

Ichirin-sashi (small flower vase) is the signature creations by Aya Ogawa. In Japanese culture, dainty flower vases are commonly used to decorate a space. As it is very delicate and tiny, only a small stem of dried flower with light weights can be inserted.

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