Motoharu Ozawa (Gifu)

  • Born in Tokyo in 1974 and raised in Yokohama

  • Moved away from Yokohama after turning 25 years old.

  • Decided to learn pottery techniques because of the passion towards folk crafts and handmade crafts.

  • Attended a pottery school in Tajimi city in Gifu Prefecture for 2 years, where it is famous for its ceramics.

  • Especially interested in learning and creating a great variety of glazes for pottery.

  • Started his career as a professional ceramicist and built his own pottery kiln in Tajimi city in 2005.

  • Moved to his current pottery studio in Toki city in Gifu Prefecture in 2007.

Ozawa’s pottery philosophy

I believe that people will get attracted by my works at their first glance of the unique glazes.
— Motoharu Ozawa