Soryu-gama (Kyoto)

The first generation of Wakunami Soryu potters received direction from the first generation Suwa-Sozan, known for the work he developed in seiji glazed pottery, characteristic of Kyoto pottery. Ever since, for the four generations of Wakunami family potters, the traditional craft of Kyoto Kiyomizu Pottery has been carefully carried on. For generations, Soryu-Gama has developed and used its own seiji glaze.

The present fourth generation Wakunami Soryu married Madoka Ota, who was born to a family of Koishiwara potters which has continued for fourteen generations in Fukuoka prefecture.

The combination of Kyo-yaki Pottery (seiji glaze finish) and Koishiwara Pottery (tobi-kanna* feature) forms today’s Soryu-gama pottery style. As these two pottery styles are totally different from each other, Soryu and Madoka work daily and sit side by side at their potters wheels in order to seek for a new expression with the translucent bluish seiji glaze. Through endless attempts of refinements, they successfully merged their signature pottery styles inherited from their families. Their goal is to nurture and present a new and unique pottery style to the world.

* Tobi-kanna: a metal strip tool which is used to carefully slip off the surface of vessels bit by bit by spinning the pottery wheel in order to create the signature pattern of Koishiwara Pottery.